You Can Trust Your Feelings, but only so far.


Seems to me that I have spent most of my career, getting clients in touch with their feelings. These days I spend even more time getting people out of their feelings and into their heads. I know I am confusing, but let me explain.

No one can expect to be “chirpy-chippy” all of the time. Face it; we all get down at times. The problem is that those gremlins of negative self-talk lead people to jump to conclusions while heading down the wrong path.

  • Feeling lonely? Doesn’t mean that nobody cares about you or that you are unlovable.
  • Feeling scared? Doesn’t mean that you are not up to the task. Nor does it mean that you should not go ahead.
  • Feeling bored? Doesn’t mean that you are boring. You just haven’t yet noticed that which will ignite your passion.
  • Shy at a gathering? Doesn’t mean that you should hang off in the side-lines and let fear get in the way of sharing your interesting thoughts with someone who would be interested in listening.

 Are you getting my drift?

Feelings are important so don’t ignore them. Just reconnect with your rational mind to check it all out.

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