Website Revisited: Da Da!

We did it! We have a revamped, greatly improved website!

Our revised website has been a long time in the making or, at least, it seems so. Suffice to say that I am  somewhat older than when I started to work with my designer to make many key and necessary changes.

How ironic that I am a Coach who works with people helping them make changes in their lives and yet, for me, dealing with the nuts and bolts and tasks of creating an on-line presence was pure torture. I need a Coach – no, wait a minute, I am a Coach!

It has been a couple of years since I launched my first website and much has transpired. My intention in redoing my site is to be clearer on exactly with whom I want to work, and what we can accomplish together.  If I can get you thinking about your present Life, to be curious, and maybe even excited about your future well, then, we have lots to talk about.   

I will write a regular Blog dealing with topics and issues relating to being 45plus and living well.  I hope that you will comment on my presentation and that we can get a dialogue going. I use stories and observations, and pass along any new research or just good ideas that may come my way.

If you have a question or topic in mind that you would like me to write about – let me know and I will do my best.

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