The Gift of Feeling Lonely

Recently I had occasion to spend a couple of weeks in a community where, except for my husband who had to be away for hours each day, I didn’t know anyone. Nope, not a soul.

Boredom has never been my thing as life is just too interesting. However, I found my mood dropping and my anxiety rising. Generally, just not feeling too happy. I finally clued in to what was robbing me of my usual joie de vivre.

I was lonely .The moment I realized this, everything changed and I brightened up immediately. I was able to get in touch with how much I value my connection with the wonderful people who are in my life now or who are alive in my memory.

Tip of the day:

When you feel lonely, it is a gift that reminds you that you are, as a human being, “hard-wired” to need other people in your life. This is not a sign of weakness nor of being clingy. It is a sign of good emotional health.

So open your door, your eyes and your heart. They are out there waiting for you.

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