Journey Through Retirement

Retirement!”  So, what is your first reaction to this loaded word?

For many people, it conjures up visions of endless leisure and freedom but, for many more, the word is “fear”. This fear grows out of confusion, notions of boredom, loneliness, or a dread of not being worthwhile or not making a contribution.

We are now beginning to understand that Retirement is not the old model where work stops and is traded in for a life of mere leisure. Now, the term Retirement is used to describe that transformative period in the next stage of one’s life. In short, it is not running from work; it is running to one’s future. This should be an exhilarating and rewarding journey.

As always, we have to prepare for this journey, and come to grips with “what’s next?”

First, it is necessary to build a firm foundation from which to plan the next stage of your life. This foundation is made up of many building blocks, each of which takes time and consideration. Just like the stone-mason who carefully chips away until his block is trued and thus fits perfectly to create a strong base, so you deserve to chip away, to look more deeply into who you are, and what you need to sculpt the next stage of life that is right for you.


You should understand that, when you retire, your life will change. Your former routines will alter, your daily structure will alter, the people you see will alter, and the purpose of your day cannot help but be different. Yet, change planned well can be an exciting shift.

As a retirement coach, I help my clients to think more deeply about who they are and what is needed to make their lives more meaningful. We work together to replace the benefits of their former work-lives, and I support them in taking a wider view of what the future can hold. It is all about creating not only an opportunity to look back on a life lived well, but also a chance to make it equally as good, if not better, in the years ahead.

And, the best thing is, the world is waiting … for you. So, come on, take the challenge!


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