Gratitude = Happiness

My client, A. Gave me permission to share her latest “Ah Ha” moment with you.
And avid gardener and also a member of a sizable family, she had achieved a state of appreciation for the qualities of both. She stated it thus: “my garden and my family are full of beautiful flowers. Who cares about a few weeds?”
She is a wise woman who has just described one of the main ingredients to the creation of a happy life.
In her article, The New Science of Happiness, (Time Magazine January 2005) Claudia Wells examined current research on “What makes the Human Heart Sing?” The Positive Psychology field has studied the science of happiness for some years now. It is not surprising that the ability to identify and be grateful for the positives in one’s life is a major determinant of life satisfaction. University of California psychologist, Sonja Lyubomisky suggests keeping a gratitude journal where fresh entries are recorded each week.
Many of us were raised to give thanks for our blessings. We now know that this is not only a responsibility, but also a contribution to our emotional and also physical health.
Thanks to my client. Long may her garden grow.

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