Giving Thanks to My Clients

Those of us in Canada just celebrated our Thanksgiving Holiday. The USA will celebrate on November 27th.

This is probably my favourite celebration of the year as it is tied in to the cycles of the seasons and celebrates the bounty of the harvest. Friends and family get together and share in a wonderful autumn feast.

This year, I attended Thanksgiving dinner at the home of a close friend. Our host ended the evening by having everyone at the table say one thing for which they were thankful. We went around the room and each shared a special gratitude. That exercise has made me think about the many things that have and do enrich my life.

This also prompts me to thank you, my clients, both current and past. I have the privilege of doing work that I love and look forward to, and you have made it possible to bring out the best in me.

I thank you for your trust, courage, and commitment to working with me to live a better life. Taking a look at oneself in an honest and critical way is not for the faint of heart, and you have been willing to do that in my company.

Together, we have laughed a lot, cried at times, and put our heads together to find ways of making life the very best.

You have also shared your wisdom with me, which allows me to constantly learn from you.

So, I thank you, my clients, from the bottom of my heart. Happy Thanksgiving!


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