Do You See What I See?

I was looking for faces of people 50+ on one of my favourite image sites to use in a new blog.

I see pictures of babies, kids, cute 20 somethings, and some people selected who look overly-ancient, but where are WE? I must have just missed US, so I looked again. Romantic Millennials kissing on beaches, and more funny animal faces than you can shake a stick at, but no people 50+.

This is evidence of a phenomenon which is all too prevalent in our society and that is, our invisibility in popular culture. Women friends especially have often complained that, as they pass 50, a cultural invisibility begins to take place.

Tamara McClintock Greenberg, clinical psychologist and author of The Invisible Years, writes not only about the devaluing of people as they age, but also how we who are getting older can mistakenly under-value ourselves and what we have gained over the years.

I invite you to become more aware of what you are seeing and who you are seeing and, more importantly, how you see yourself.

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