Canada is All About Relationships

Research about well-being and happiness comes back with the same results time and time again. The key to living a good life is having good relationships. In short, no matter how much you have, if you don’t have connection with others, you have nothing!

The scene was Canada Day night, listening to music and waiting for fireworks at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto where thousands crowded into the square for the celebration. There were people of all ages, from babes in arms to the elderly sitting in folding chairs. There were people from every race, culture, and religion. We were smiling and chatting while children waved their little paper flags.

Toronto’s mayor came on stage to give the go-ahead for the fireworks but, first, he made a speech about the dream that is Toronto and Canada. About a place of inclusion, diversity, and connection between its people. Looking around me at the multitude of people, my eyes filled with tears of happiness for I knew that those words rang true. The feeling in the air was magic!

Happy 150th birthday, Canada. It was a wonderful Sesquicentennial party and well worth remembering.


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