Are Golden Years Bright?

Javier Bengoa is an inspiring personal trainer. I know this to be true because he is also my trainer.
Working with a trainer, even for a short period is money well spent. A good trainer helps you set and reach goals and through encouraging, pushing and by what ever means necessary, gets you farther than you ever thought possible.
Javier works with people of all ages however, he has been particularly successful working with people over 40 years of age. He has a special sensitivity to the strengths and challenges of developing our aging bodies. All good.
If you want to check him out, just let me know.
I asked him for a blog contribution about fitness and aging. Hopefully this will be the first of many posts.


Do you want to be older? What would you do to prepare becoming a senior citizen? Would you be physically active?

Aging is a natural process of life and we will all get older. But can we make a positive difference in our route to become a senior? How about once we are already there?

There are many ways to make our golden years happy. When we think of being a senior citizen, most people will think financial freedom, with life milestones and family experiences. But how many will reach those years in the physical shape able to enjoy it all? An alarming number of seniors are not capable of performing very many activities other than simply walking. Most adults are still focused on reaching every one of the so called ‘life successes’. Some have just started using their time to enjoy retirement. However an important component may be missing – to simply just take care of oneself. Some may think that once they have become a senior there is no point in continuing or to even start exercising. There are also the self-doubters that question if they can even stick with a program or even how to do it. Quite simply everyone is capable of accomplishing fitness goals fitness regimen regardless of any current health issues.

The fitness process may appear daunting at first, but one thing is sure, a good fitness program is the one that anyone can do based on a constant progress within an enjoyable environment that would promote confidence. Some may require a little support and motivation from family and friends to start. Some community centers are a great place to begin. You can make new friends too while contributing to change the mind set and increasing the probabilities that you will continue to exercise.

It is worth giving it a try; the rewards will make your golden years brighter.

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