JoyceSittingFor over 30 years, I am privileged to have helped people create a better life for themselves. This is my calling and my passion.

I specialize in working with people around retirement age, for several compelling reasons. First of all, this is my demographic, so I know first hand about the challenges and opportunities that are faced.

However, my main reason is this: We potentially go through more transitions during this period  of our life than at any other time. Think about it: elderly parents, career issues, relationship problems, single again, empty nesters, changes in our bodies, and a nagging feeling of wanting more in life but stymied by confusion or fears.

We face the big questions: “Is this all there is?”  What’s next?” and, perhaps, the biggest one – “Is it too late for me to….?”  The answer is: No! It is not too late, so do not think of using that as an excuse to cheat yourself out of making changes that can better your life, because life can be wonderful if you go through it with a sense of courage, curiosity, and fun.

I understand and appreciate the coaching process, and owe a debt of gratitude to the fine coaches who have helped me along during my own periods of transformation: a second marriage, caring for my elderly mother,  leaving a career position that was secure but where I could not grow, and, working my way through sport injuries that required both patience and perseverance.

In reaching retirement age, people often seem to fall into one of three areas: (1) those who grumble about getting older and just live out their lives; (2) those who are still growing, changing, and living with zest; and (3) those who know they want more, but are hard-pressed to do anything about it and need a catalyst. Since you are visiting my web-site, then you are probably in one of the last two groups. That is a good place to be.

Getting older is a gift if it shakes you up and gets you thinking that our time is limited and also precious. It is easy to forget just how much we have gained as we age.  By our 60’s, we have the experience and wisdom that comes from years of living. We have gained maturity and are capable of living with depth and purpose. By this time, it is possible to slow down enough to evaluate the quality of our lives, and also to think about what comes next. This phase in the journey through life can be a time of immense potential, but we need to make it so.

I coach so that I can be part of that journey.


Retirement Options, Certified Retirement Coach 2017

BeAbove Leadership. Advanced Coaching Series.
Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching. 2013
Wellcoaches, Wellesley Massachusetts, 2012
Coaches Training Institutes (CTI), 2011
Toronto Institute of Human Relations 1996
MSW, University of Toronto, 1985

Certifications and Affiliations:

PCC – Professional Certified Coach –International Coach Federation
CPCC – Certified Professional Co-active Coach – The Coaches Training Institute
Certified Wellness Coach
Registered Social Worker
Certified Retirement Coach